Curry's Information

Breed: Kelpie/Border Collie Mix,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 5 Years
Can live with: Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Sacramento, CA

Hi my name is Curry.
I am a 5 year old, Female Australian Kelpie/Border Collie mix.
The outdoors are made for me, so I’m looking for a new place with ample running space.
I love exploring, chasing squirrels, and chewing on my toys. I am super smart, agile, and a quick learner.
You can describe me as a sassy and vocal, but loving dog. I can provide great companionship and cuddles. I love getting all the belly rubs I can get.
I am comfortable during car rides, being home alone for a bit, and meeting new people.
Being honest, I am a very anxious dog. Loud noises like fireworks, fire alarms, and big trucks aren’t my friend.
I need an experienced dog owner to train me extensively & build trust with me. I would want someone to keep up with my high energy. Because of my high prey drive, I need to be the only pet in your house. Although I’d be your only furry companion in the house, I will give you extra love and joy. I hope you’re my next furever home.

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